COVID – 19 Updates

In these unprecedented times we all carry varying degrees of responsibility ahead. As licensed agents at Ronis Real Estate we take this responsibility seriously and, as such, are implementing several measures to reduce the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The Government has called for all mass gatherings to cease and has placed stops on certain activities. Even though real estate open houses fall well within the confines outlined by our Prime Minister to date we believe that by implementing the required precautions we can continue to conduct inspections safely.

At Ronis Real Estate we are experiencing an increase in property related activities while our clients make decisions relating to their property interests. Given that these decisions are now more important than ever we are doing everything possible to remain proactive with these requests. The end result means that our clients can plan effectively for what’s ahead and we are doing our very best to be available to them all.

With this in mind we are not prepared to send our clients away and, on the contrary, we wish to ensure they are being served correctly, whether that relates to selling or leasing their properties in these difficult times.

Moving forward, and until further notice we will cease to conduct public open houses and move to “By Appointment Only” inspections. This is already common territory for many agents and we believe it will reduce unnecessary exposure to our staff and clients.

To assist in understanding this further we have drawn up the following ‘By Appointment Guidelines’ to help:

  • Social distancing of 1.5 metres squared will be adhered at all times. This also means that we will respectfully decline to handshake.
  • We ask that attendees restrict their movements throughout the home and refrain from any unnecessary touching of any items in the home including handrails, doors, cupboards, working surfaces etc.
  • We ask that buyers restrict numbers at appointments to key decision makers only.
  • Attendees will be asked if they have been overseas in the last 30-days or been in contact with anyone arriving from overseas in the previous 14-days. While attendees can volunteer not to disclose this information, we do prefer that they not attend the appointment if either has occurred.
  • Strict 15-minute appointment blocks with no overlapping (to avoid cross exposure).

We trust these small steps will allow us to continue to serve our clients and to help them establish their position relating to their property needs ahead.

Thank you for your co-operation in advance.